About FBI Dance Crew Kenya

FBI Dance Crew Kenya is a dance group based in Pumwani, a suburb in the capitalk of Kenya, Nairobi.

It comprises of 10 talented individuals; 9 gents and one lady & has been in existence since 2007. The group was formed by its founders who were students at Jamhuri High School back then, with the lady (Moesha Kay) joining shorly after when one of the crew members noticed her impressive talent.


  • Official Presidential Dance Crew for H.E Uhuru Kenyatta
  • Best Dance Crew Mashujaa Awards 2017
  • Faites Danser Le Monde France 2015 champions
  • Coca-cola Billion Reasons to Believe amabassadors.

More Achievements:

  • Sakata SSN 2 winner
    *Chaguo la Teeniez Best Kenyan Dance Crew 2011,2012, 2013
  • Fanta What's Yo Flava winner.
  • Coca-cola Billion Reasons to Believe amabassadors.

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Camera Roll

We have graced numerous events, been to multiple countries and continents, won a dozen awards and most importantly: Put smile on thousands and thousands of faces. Here's a sneak peek of what you might have missed.

How We Do It

Here's how we have managed to stay top of the game all this while.

Dance Research

Scrutinising latest and funky dance moves, their relevance in select situations and their appeal to audiences across all divides. Discernment is key.


Hours, days or even weeks of gruelling, teeth gnashing and sweat breaking practice go into perfection of that routine you enjoy on stage. Practice indeed makes perfect.


Punctuality, team spirit, consistency and many more go a long way in ensuring we deliver stellar performances And it's really elevated us.

Our Services

Our Highlights

Here are some of the best moments we've had so far. Caught on video.

DP Ruto Woah Challenge

H.E WSR is cool peeps.

See him ace the "Woah challenge". It's always a good time.

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Paris Untamed

We took France by storm.

Watch our performance and representation of Kenya out there.

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